Here are best Civil Engineering jobs and courses

Civil engineering is not only dealing with building bridges or designing buildings. It has a lot more to do with various other amazing structures around the world including, laying apartments, constructing roadways, and many more.

Engineering Jobs, Civil engineering jobs in particular, are vital and are a part of our daily infrastructure needs. Building residences, offices, and commercial spaces with perfect designs is the foremost responsibility in the civil sector, while maintaining safety during building structures is the real challenge.

The statistics from the US Bureau of Labor reveal that there would be a six percent increase in jobs for civil engineers by 2028. Now, we shall first look at the 3 best Civil Engineering Jobs that fetch for engineering careers.

Jobs in Civil Engineering

There are a lot of roles or designations for civil engineers, but below are the some of the best ones for those who have done Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering:

Planning Engineer

Planning engineers are one the major players in making most cost-efficient ways to complete projects. While the average salary stands to be $92,013; they play a key role in projects with safety standards. The responsibilities include evaluating cost factors like labor, materials, and time.

Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineer’s roles incorporate finding potential risk factors and verifying the structural safety of projects. With an average salary of $81,932; Geotechnical engineers also focus on subsurface soils, and environmental factors.

Project Engineer

They are responsible for planning infrastructure construction projects. While the average salary may be approximately $78,801; they have multiple roles. The works include creating budgets, keeping track of materials needed and used, and managing timelines.

Courses in Civil Engineering

Below are the 3 best Civil Engineering programs and courses. They can be accomplished in short timeframes with handful Engineering Careers and decent pay scales:

Harvard University via edX is providing a 10 weeks course “Energy within Environmental Constraints” for free. This is an online learning course that deals with fossil fuels, costs, electric grids and more. 

The online Civil Engineering certificate program from American Society of Engineers has 18 credit hours with each course lasting six weeks long. The tuition ranges between $2,855 and $3,575. This certification allows students to learn for a leadership position in construction management.

Get the civil engineering degree program from The University of North Dakota that comprises 128 credit hours.  This is an undergraduate degree which is ABET-accredited, with a tuition fee of $668.92 per hour. The course includes Steel Design, Fluid Mechanics, Reinforced Concrete and more.