Best coding apps to learn in 2020 – For beginners

Technology has been growing and new programming skills are opening opportunities in the form of engineering jobs.  The way people learn things related to different fields, IT has been evolving with various new languages, and producing masters at work. So let’s take a look at the best coding apps for beginners in 2020, especially for those who want to develop programming skills.

A JavaScript teaching app known as Grasshopper is designed by a team from Code with Google. This app is designed for beginners and can be used for free. Grasshopper features a simple drag and drop style code editor which is perfect for people who are new to programming concepts.

Another JavaScript-based Android coding app called Encode is a great tool for beginners. Its UI is interactive and easy to use. Encoding provides tips and tutorials to help you learn coding better. It can be quickly learnt in a short span of time.

Mimo is focused to learn several languages and technologies like C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, Swift, Kotlin, and PHP. It is designed in a way to learn languages and implement on actual projects.

Another coding platform known as SoloLearn comes with a series of courses for multiple programming languages. Basic tutorials for beginners are clearly explained on SoloLearn, and include lessons and quizzes.

These 4 coding apps can promote better engineering careers in the IT industry, while you learn full time courses.